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QELA is part of our history

Before founding Dazibao, Caroline was VP Marketing and communications, Qatar Luxury Group. As such, she headed the creation, launch and development of the luxury fashion brand QELA.

The biggest challenge faced by the new Qatari brand was its lack of history , i.e legitimacy in the fashion world. A subtle communications strategy focused on a strong, cultured and poetic brand story and on the admirable know-how behind the collections, implemented with subtlety and discretion allowed QELA to be praised at launch, and to build and maintain a positive image amongst the media and its fashion audience.


Idyllic memories of oud and cardamom; of spiced coffee under the canopy of a desert camp; of stories told at the same leisurely pace as a camel train; of the regal stance of an Arabian stallion; of warm winds tirelessly imposing fleeting patterns on the dunes. 

Dreams of days gone by merging with the present. The rustle of a veil; gentle eyes rimmed with kohl; a rich ornamental door laced with copper; quiet laughter behind the arabesque of a mashrabiya; the slow march of time…

An extension of the journey, a yearning for a future of shared cultures, of bright modernity confidently embraced. Using the universal language of Art as a stepping stone, capturing and conveying trends. 


Qela mirrors and echoes this journey. Qela speaks of fashion, but also of the history of the generations from which it has emerged. Qela speaks of time, of the passion and the patience required to master the century-old techniques of leatherwork, jewellery and couture. Qela encapsulates the dream of the traveller, the confidence born of ancient traditions and the contemporary vision of a free spirit open to Art and different cultures.